Silence isn’t Golden

Some of you have noticed a slightly uncharacteristic silence from me over the last few weeks. This was especially curious given the publication by the Scottish Government of two reports in which I have been involved (The National Review of Town Centres and the lessons from the Horsemeat Scandal).

It would have been nice to think I have been away on holiday – though typically that would have meant missing the first decent weather in summer in Scotland for seven years – or even that I went off to support the British and Irish Lions in Australia.

Unfortunately neither is true. My father died a couple of weeks ago.

Now in a 100+ posts I have resolutely kept my discussions to aspects of retailing and not gone down a personal route. But I am going to break this rule this time. Some of you may have come across my father but for those who have not, you can read about his sporting career in the piece from the local Bridgend paper and in an abbreviated version of the address I gave at his funeral.

Normal service will be resumed later this week.

About Leigh Sparks

I am Professor of Retail Studies at the Institute for Retail Studies, University of Stirling, where I research and teach aspects of retailing and retail supply chains, alongside various colleagues. I am Chair of Scotland's Towns Partnership. I am also a Deputy Principal of the University, with responsibility for Education and Students and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh
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