Media Commentary

This page provides a listing of, and links to, some of the media commentary produced by Leigh Sparks on various retail related topics. Previous years media commentary can be found by following the links under this heading on the main page.


Scottish Government and COSLA response to Town Centre Review published – interview on BBC Radio Scotland, Good Morning Scotland, 13th April (and re-broadcast on BBC local radio)

Online sales tax could be introduced to regenerate Scotland’s high streets, Future Scot, 13th April (see also wired and Scottish Business Insider amongst others)

Redeveloping St Enoch Centre, Glasgow – interview on STV, 13th April

Fake retail reviews on Google and Amazon – interview with BBC Radio Scotland, 7th April


Soaring food prices serve up recipe for disaster, 13th February, Sunday Telegraph

Sparks fly over retail deal, Stirling Observer, 2nd February, see also Daily Record, 2nd February (Traders have been mightily let down by the panel’s decision)


Buchanan Galleries demolition, Herald and Evening Times, 24th January, Metro and Glasgow World, 25th January

Closure of iconic Marks and Spencer store, Scottish Daily Express, 19th January, and also STV News, 19th January

Discussion of Christmas trading results and changing patterns of shopping, BBC Radio Scotland, Good Morning Scotland, 13th January, c0846

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