Media Commentary 2017

This page provides a listing of, and links to, some of the media commentary produced by members of the Institute for Retail Studies on various retail related topics.

April 2017

Why we are back in love with Morrisons – comments by Leigh Sparks, The Sunday Post, 9th April

Retail shops closure and town centres  – interview with Leigh Sparks on STV Scotland News, 7th April

Quarter of shops could close, retail bosses warn – comment by Leigh Sparks, The Times (Scotland), 7th April

March 2017

Sir Shifty’s just playing games with us – comments by Leigh Sparks on the continuing fall out from collapse of BHS and pension issues, Sunday Mail, 5th March

February 2017

You favourite supermarket explored – discussion by Leigh Sparks on BBC Scotland Good Morning Scotland, 16th February

January 2017

Own-brands will compete for culinary ‘Oscars’ – comments by Leigh Sparks on retail own brands in food, The Times (Scotland), 30th January

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