Media Commentary 2020

This page provides a listing of, and links to, some of the media commentary produced by Leigh Sparks on various retail related topics.


Coronavirus could kill off Scottish high street as people self-isolate, comments in the Scottish Daily Record, 18th March

Retailing and the Coronavirus, intefview on BBC Good Morning Scotland, 16th March


We could have a Bute of a high street too, comments on the GB High Street Award, Sunday Mail, 2nd February


Inside Asda: Bigger, Better,Cheaper? – contains interview on Asda history, Channel 5. 6th January. Trailer here. Full programme here.

UK Retail Tumble – online interview on factors in the changing retail situation in the UK, Economic Divide on PressTV – video here. 9th January

Discussion on BBC Radio 4 You and Yours programme on retail job losses and retail change, 27th January


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