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The Conversation launched in Australia in March 2011 and in the UK in May 2013. Since then I have written a number of pieces for The Conversation:

UK shoppers are choosing bricks over clicks right now, but here’s why it isn’t the end for online retailing (Feb 21st 2023)

Cost of living crisis: why it’s been a happy new year for UK retailers keeping up with changing shopping trends (Jan 12th 2023)

Shopping: the cost of living crisis is hitting people “urgently and directly” – retail expert Q&A (June 24 2022)

High street recovery will take more than street parties and more bins (Aug 3 2021)

Britain’s ruthless high street leaves no room for straglers like BHS (April 25 2016)

What is going on in Tesco? (Apr 22 2015)

Tis the season to spend, spend, spend… or so retailers would have us think (Dec 2 2014)