Logistics and Retail Management 5th Edition

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We are delighted that the fifth edition of our best-selling book (Fernie J and L Sparks (eds) Logistics and Retail Management) has been published by Kogan Page on the 3rd November 2018. This fifth edition of Logistics and Retail Management has been substantially updated to take account of recent developments in retail logistics. Retailers have recognised the need to have more involvement in supply chains and noted that benefits can be achieved in both service levels and cost reduction. Notwithstanding the major strides made, numerous challenges remain, and new issues are constantly emerging.

Logistics and supply chains play a vital role in the overall success of retail management. This fifth edition of Logistics and Retail Management covers the major strides made in
retail logistics and the challenges which remain, providing students and professionals with the current thinking and research in this strategic field. Including chapters on
internationalization, corporate social responsibility (CSR), and green logistics, the book also explores examples from successful organizations such as Schuh and Tesco.

The new edition also includes material on the luxury fashion industry and the logistical challenges of e-commerce. Logistics and Retail Management, 5th edition is the
essential text for students of retail logistics and supply chain management.

Table of Contents

  • Chapter – 01: Retail Logistics: Changes and Challenges – John Fernie and Leigh Sparks;
  • Chapter – 02: Relationships in the Supply Chain – John Fernie;
  • Chapter – 03: The Internationalization of the Retail Supply Chain – John Fernie;
  • Chapter – 04: The International Fashion Supply Chain and Corporate Social Responsibility – Patsy Perry, John Fernie and Steve Wood;
  • Chapter – 05: The Footwear Supply Chain: The Case of Schuh – John Fernie and Colin Temple;
  • Chapter – 06: Supply Chain Strategy in the Fashion and Luxury Industry – Alessandro Brun and Cecilia Castelli;
  • Chapter – 07: Tesco’s Supply Chain Management – Leigh Sparks;
  • Chapter – 08: On-Shelf Availability in UK Retailing – John Fernie and David B Grant;
  • Chapter – 09: The Development of E-Tail Logistics – John Fernie, Suzanne Fernie and Alan McKinnon;
  • Chapter – 10: The Greening of Retail Logistics – Alan McKinnon and Julia Edwards


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  2. mohammed says:

    does this book have instructor resources such as power point slides?

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