Journal Articles 2017

This page contains details of some of the recent journal article publications by members of the Institute for Retail Studies. Pre-print versions of these articles are available online from the University of Stirling’s Depository (STORRE) in most cases, or contact the author or Leigh Sparks directly.

Anne Findlay and Leigh Sparks (2017) Below the planning radar – the grocery shopper, Town and Country Planning, Vol. 86 Iss: 1, pp 4-6

Shopping patterns are changing and in evaluating proposals planners need to be thinking about new aspects of shopping patronage and the impact of different location strategies. These impacts will be different for the previous generation of different traffic flows and will affect places differently.We are seeing the reduction of store estates and the search for new formats and locations, so new switching and patr0nage patterns will emerge at the local and the aggregate levels. This, for the most part, is currently hidden from many planners. (See Trading Places section of this blog)

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