Town & Country Planning Journal (Trading Places Columns) 2012-2018

In late 2012 Anne Findlay and myself took over from Professor Cliff Guy as the Trading Places columnists in the Journal of Town & Country Planning, published by the TCPA. We provide below scanned copies of our columns, but you are strongly advised to look at the full journal each month (our columns are quarterly) as it is an excellent read. Details are provided in each scan and can also be found at

Six years have now passed and we have decided to call it a day and pass the baton over to others. Our final column in May/June 2018 attempts to summarise the issues we have tackled over our 22 previous columns.


A fond farewell May/June 2018

Farm shops – time to close the stable door? January 2018


Opportunity knocks – reconfiguring retail spaces and the reinvention of the retail park, November 2017

Planning for Business Improvement Districts August 2017

“Houston, we have a problem”, April 2017

Below the planning radar – the grocery shopper, January 2017


Don’t forget about our towns, October 2016

BHS – Better Have a Strategy, July 2016

Burgers and Chips for Lunch – Food environments, obesity and retail planning, May 2016

Freedom of establishment – a challenge to retail planning?, January 2016


Open All Hours October 2015

Kirkcaldy no more, Devizes no more, Bicester no more… August 2015

Yes Minister April 2015

The high street is dead: long live the high street January 2015


It used to be so simple … October 2014 (which is also a Special Issue Remembering Peter Hall)

Unlucky No 13? August 2014

Town Centre first, second or not at all? April 2014

A Nation of (some vague number of) shopkeepers January 2014


Reviewing high streets and town centres November 2013 (this is the extended version available on the TCPA website)

Popping out to the (pop-up) shops July/August 2013

Planning for retailing – on the edge?  April 2013

Pick n Mix for local shopping parades, January 2013


Parting company, October 2012

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