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We are delighted that the fourth edition of our best-selling book (Fernie J and L Sparks (eds) Logistics and Retail Management) has been published by Kogan Page on the 3rd April 2014. This fourth edition of Logistics and Retail Management has been substantially updated to take account of recent developments in retail logistics. Retailers have recognised the need to have more involvement in supply chains and noted that benefits can be achieved in both service levels and cost reduction. Notwithstanding the major strides made, numerous challenges remain, and new issues are constantly emerging. The book brings together well-known academics and practitioners, who share their research, ideas and experience of current thinking on supply chain management in retailing. Reflecting the changing needs of the global marketplace and responding to the challenges faced by retailers, this revised edition also includes new chapters on:

  • The footwear supply chain – the case of Schuh
  • Supply chain strategy in the Italian fashion and luxury industry
  • The international fashion supply chain and CSR.

Other topics include:

  • The greening of retail logistics
  • The development of e-tail logistics
  • The internationalization of the retail supply chain
  • Tesco’s supply chain management
  • On-shelf availability in UK retailing
  • The last mile problem
  • Methods to improve on shelf availability
  • And much, much more!

Logistics and Retail Management is essential reading for retail and logistics managers, academics, students and consultants.

To buy the book today click here to be taken to the Kogan Page web-shop.

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3 Responses to Logistics and Retail Management Book

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  2. mohammed says:

    does this book have instructor resources such as power point slides?

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